Specialist in Antique Wood and Turn-of-the-Century Barn Wood

From wall paneling to framework and structural elements, we offer antique wood solutions in a variety of formats: Grey-wood and chestnut barn planks, posts and weathered beams.

Since the early days of the colonization of North America, farmers have been building barns out of spruce, hemlock, and occasionally from maple.

These barns have survived the test of time and of the elements that have given them their patina and coloured them with a unique palette, imbuing them with the history of rigorous winters and parching summers over 100 to 150 years.

This wood, of humble origin yet enriched by the passage of time, is sought out by Gris de Bois, carefully selected plank by plank, treated and conditioned to ensure quality, and efficiently delivered to our clients.

Our control of every step of production guarantees the quality and authenticity of our product for all your construction, renovation, and remodeling projects.

Wood Recycling

To ensure the quality of our product, each barn is disassembled completely by hand, protecting the unique character of the wood. Our process enables us to select only the finest material for delivery to our workshop. The wood is then cleaned, sorted, nails removed and pasteurized (high-temperature drying) before being finished to our client’s exact specifications.