Square Beams, Posts and Framework

Do you need classic wood flooring or building materials from turn-of-the-century barns for your renovation project? Gris de Bois can help.

Our square beams were ax-crafted using the age-old techniques of woodworkers from a bygone era. We clean and dry our beams without diminishing their original charm.

Our beams can be used for both load-bearing and aesthetic applications: exterior cladding, interior paneling and as load-bearing support posts.

Planks: Wood in Classic Greys and Browns

Our planks are recovered from the exterior cladding of barns.

These boards, once recovered, graded, cleaned, pasteurized and reconditioned to your specifications, come into their own. Exposure to time and the elements has infused them with unique character. The colors vary from dark to light chestnut with tones of grey, creating a warm ambience that can be rustic or modern, depending on the application.

These boards lend themselves easily to exterior cladding  as well as indoor paneling and flooring.

Wood from our barns , once carefully reconditioned to our clients’ specifications, provide excellent, lasting beauty.

Products from Bois de Gris are ideal for eco-construction projects as well as LEED projects. The ultimate product for your project.

A warm, green, recycled solution.